The X-File Xmas Challenge

The X-File Christmas Icon Challenge
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Welcome to The X-File Xmas Icon Challenge!

The idea of this community is to have fun, please don't think you can't take part, just because you aren't an established icon maker, or don't have a great art software!

All you guys have to do, is make as many festive icons as you like, then post them here and you can post them as you go along. You have until the 25th December, to post your entries, then voting will begin. There will be awards, and treats a plenty :)

You can use any X-File episode or character you want, and you can also make icons of the actors (Gillian, David, Nic etc..), the only requirement is that it's Christmassy :)

Please make sure you post your icons in this community rather than linking to them. Also, posting the url of your icon is also very helpful, as I will need it when I post the voting. You may still post them in your own journals and in other communities, they do not need to be kept private like at other icontests.

The categories the voting will be posted are (so far):

Scully - Icons of Dana Scully.

Mulder - Icons of Fox Mulder.

Other characters - Any other character from The X-Files.

Pairings - Can be any two characters, doesn't have to be romantic

Animated - Animated icons (please make sure they are 40k or under)

Misc. - Any icons that don't fit the other categories.

P.S. Pimping of this community will be highly appreciated.

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